Find out where you really come from

With the Living DNA kit, you get to see your recent ancestry as well as your genetic past going back up to 80,000 years. Your data is confidential and secure at all times.


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Purchase your Living DNA ancestry kit to start your DNA adventure. We ship worldwide.



Use your kit to swab the inside of your cheek, then mail it back to us for free.



Our expert scientists will carefully analyze your DNA and in 6-8 weeks the secrets of your ancestry will be revealed.

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Get even more from your DNA experience with an Ancestry Kit + Personalized Results Book. Learn more

One kit, endless insights

When you purchase a Living DNA ancestry test, your adventure has only just begun

Ancestry Regions

Reveal your ancestry from around the world with exceptionally detailed sub-regional breakdowns

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Find relatives

Opt-in and match with other users in our database and discover who you are related to around the world

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Deep Ancestry Reports

Trace your ancestry back thousands of years in more detail using mitochondria and the Y chromosome

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Throughout History Report

Travel through time to see your ancestry in the context of different eras. Reveal the spread and migration of your ancestors at different points in history

Migration Routes

See the journey that your ancestors travelled as they spread out and moved across the globe.

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Free Ancestry Regional Updates

We provide free updates to your regional results. As our science becomes more evolved so do your results. No subscriptions, no fees

See your ancestry in detail

We pinpoint your unique, personalized ancestry in unprecedented detail, no matter where in the world your ancestors are from. Providing sub-regional breakdowns worldwide.

Find Relatives

Discover who you are related to around the world. Using DNA, you can find living relatives and, if you like, choose to connect with them to explore your history.

Confidential and secure, always

At Living DNA we take the job of looking after your data very seriously. We’re committed to your privacy and security at all times. You are always in control of your information and how it is used, we never share your data (including your DNA) with third parties without your prior consent. You can also ask to delete your data whenever you like.

It’s that simple

Experience your DNA story told in print

Get even more from your DNA experience with an Ancestry Kit and a Personalized Results Book. Your DNA Ancestry results, beautifully presented in your own, unique coffee table book.

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