Our commitment to your privacy

We’re committed to treating your data with integrity and making sure that you are in the driver’s seat of where it is used, how it is used, and what you want to do with it.

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Privacy first

It is important to us that you know exactly how we handle all information that is valuable to you. Ranging from your genetic data to your personal data, our goal is to be transparent so you know we care for the whole of you.

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Privacy first

Where else does my data go?

At Living DNA we don’t sell your data to any third parties. Our commitment is to store it, not abuse it. You can only opt in to research if you decide, and you can choose to opt out of this at any time. However, we use aggregated data to improve the quality of our systems.

Where else does my data go?

Information we collect

Living DNA collects only information that is vital in providing you the best service possible. To do this we gather your personal information such as your name, card details, email and user behaviour. Then after we’ve collected your swab sample, we extract genetic, phenotypic and ancestry information. Living DNA is GDPR compliant. We use cookies to understand how our site is being used, and to help us improve things. You can see our policy here.

Storing your information

Living DNA stores genetic information separately to any other personal information you tell us. In the process of engaging with Living DNA you are given a random barcode which is only identifiable within Living DNA and is used to help with any customer support queries. This is to ensure we keep you and your information confidential.

Our privacy statement

Using your data

To keep it simple we use your genetic data to give you your results. Which is very exciting!! If you have a live account with us then we will store your genetic data for you and it can be used to provide additional insights that you have consented to, or ancestry updates which we provide for free.

We also offer our DNA matching service, which allows you to see how much DNA you share with other people in our database. Read more on our matching privacy policy. Before you decide to take a DNA test, it’s important to consider what it is going to show you and what you are actually looking for.

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Living DNA aims for the highest levels of security around your data, and works to maintain its systems, servers and data storage. We use secure databases and ensure that wherever possible, we anonymize your data before third parties such as our laboratory partner sees it.

We also make sure we store your sample securely, and we give you the choice to delete your data, or not at any point. We provide secure account sign in and we will always ask you to confirm your personal information before speaking with you online or on the phone.*


Help with research

At Living DNA we don’t automatically opt you in to sharing your data, but we do have the option for you to help with research by using your data anonymously.

Help with research

Our relationship with you

It’s important to us that you read our Cookie Policy and any other statements about our privacy practices that we may give you, to make sure you know the depth we go to to make sure your information is protected.

You can also read our terms of service for kit & digital purchases, terms of sale for personalised products, website terms of use, website acceptable use and cookie policy.