New Feature: Your family DNA Views

We’re pleased to announce that Living DNA users will be able to start to explore their family ancestry in three different ways.

We’re pleased to announce that Living DNA users will be able to start to explore their family ancestry (Autosomal DNA) in three different ways over the next couple of days.

We call this feature "views" as it allows you to look at your ethnic ancestry mix within different confidence ranges; Complete, Standard and Cautious.

For users who would have already received their results, they received their "Standard" view which may contain some unassigned ancestry. But now, by looking at the complete view, customers can see these unassigned areas. We’ve also added in a ‘cautions’ view which combines regions of genetically similar ancestry, providing our highest degree of certainty.

In the process of releasing views, we’ve made some small changes to our algorithms; this means that peoples results will be slightly updated, normally by around 1%, although a small number of customers may see much bigger changes in their mix.

To Explore Views In Depth:

There are now three different ways which you can view your autosomal genetic makeup:

The Cautious View:

alt text

alt text

In this view, we have grouped genetically similar populations together, where we are most certain about the assignments of your ancestry breakdown. Where we have grouped population regions, it demonstrates the similarity of the genetic makeup of individuals in that one particular area and therefore we can be most confident that your said ancestry is within these boundaries.

These "confidence groups" and are carefully chosen so that we can say we are confident you have ancestors from at least one of the populations listed in this view due to similar DNA in grouped regions. These confident groups will consist of different levels of spread across the world and can be made up of 2 (small), 3 (medium) or 4 (large) similar regions.

The Standard View:

alt text

alt text

Here we highlight the sources of your ancestry which are likely to be present, using our best-guess of the exact source. Ancestry that cannot be attributed to one of our reference populations is shown as being 'unassigned' as we cannot be confident in assigning this to a specific population group which we assign your ancestors to currently.

Please note that some of your results on your current standard views may have changed, this will be because of a recent update to our algorithms. Further changes will be made throughout the year.

The Complete View:

alt text

In complete view, we have attempted to assign all ancestry, allocating ""unassigned"" percentages to regions to which they look most similar to. There will be more uncertainty associated with these assignments, however, this could widen your knowledge and give you more opportunity to search for missing jigsaw pieces in your family history search.

It’s important to remember, that your results will constantly be refined as this ever-growing science evolves and updates. So regularly check your results.

Future Updates

We’ve got some exciting developments planned for later this year, keep checking our blog for the first announcement of the new Living DNA test updates.