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See your world differently

With a simple cheek swab we will reveal your ancestry from around the world, providing exceptional regional detail. Many of our members have used this opportunity to travel to their ancestral homelands.

30.1% Indigenous North America

28.2% Indian subcontinent

25.3% Amazonian

9.2% Meso American

7.2% Aegean

Discover your Maternal and Paternal Ancestry

Using your DNA we can show you your recent family ancestry, covering up to 15 generations, and your deep ancestry with Motherline and Fatherline (if male) results.

Find Relatives

Discover who you are related to around the world. We can predict how you are related to direct matches and take you back up to 13 degrees to connect you with matches who you share no DNA with today.

Throughout History

We put your ancestry into context showing your breakdown today (going back up to 10 generations), and also the spread of your ancestors at different points in history, showing how we are all connected.

The allocation of the European DNA yielded a few surprises for which I am totally in awe. Living DNA results provide the knowledge to embark in a fantastic journey of discovery.

Mark | LivingDNA user

Your Data & Results

We will never share your data with anyone else without your permission. All your data is secure and confidential.
You can delete your data whenever you want.

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How it works


Step 1

Purchase your DNA sampling kit online

We ship by standard or express routes, no matter where you are in the world.


Step 2

Take the simple DNA mouth swab, pop it in the post using our free returns bag


Step 3

We'll send you an email when your results are ready, you can then view them in your secure online portal. Now you're ready to find out where you're from!

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Confidential and secure, always

At Living DNA we take the job of looking after your data very seriously. We’re committed to your privacy and security at all times. You are always in control of your information and how it is used, we never share your data (including your DNA) with third parties without your prior consent. You can also ask to delete your data whenever you like.

It’s that simple

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