Living DNA adds 72 Africa sub-regions to their ancestry breakdown five times more than competitors

Global Direct-To-Consumer DNA Service’s New Advanced African American Analysis Designed For African Americans and African Europeans Researching Their Roots.

Feb. 6th, 2020 - SOMERSET, UK -- Living DNA, the global direct-to-consumer genealogy DNA service that does not sell or share customers’ DNA or data with third parties, today announced the launch of their African ancestry DNA test report specifically for people with African ancestry that offers 72 regions, five times the detail of any other test on the market.

Traditional DNA test reports have been focused on people with European ancestry. Today that changes forever. Using the exclusive methods that power the Living DNA ancestry offering, our researchers have gathered data from across Africa in order to deliver the world’s most advanced product for people with African ancestry. This update has been specially designed to detect the ancestry of African Americans and European Africans who are researching their roots.

David Nicholson, co-founder said, “For too long, due to scientific funding, DNA firms have only been able to offer great results for people with European Ancestry. That changes today as Living DNA delivers a product that gives a world-leading level of detail to those with African heritage, fulfilling the request from millions of people across America.”

The test combines the recent ancestry breakdown (last 1,000 years) with deep direct maternal and paternal histories, as well as rich information about the African regions customers’ ancestors come from covering geography, languages, traditions, and culture.

Co-Founder Hannah Nicholson shares that, “Ancestry testing should provide anyone from anywhere with an equal level of detail, but this has not yet been possible. Launching these sub-regions across Africa is deeply meaningful as it supports so many people to discover more about their heritage. Living DNA is committed to unlocking those kinds of doors for people in a private and secure way.”

Typically, customers with African ancestry who take other DNA tests would see their results with 2-3 DNA regions. Living DNA will now let customers see their results with an average of 13 regions.

All existing customers with African ancestry can log into their results platform and choose to update their results free of charge. New customers to Living DNA can purchase a test on special offer for Black History Month at just $79 USD at With free shipping on 3+ kits.

If someone has already taken a DNA test by one of the leading companies they can upload their DNA for free and pay $39 USD to unlock their detailed African Ancestry DNA report at

Living DNA is building on its foundation to provide ancestry testing services worldwide with a mission of making sure each customer is in charge of their own DNA and protecting customer’s DNA information.

Since launching the British Isles Regional DNA percentage breakdown test in 2016 with 21 regions in Great Britain and 3 regions in Germany just last month, no competitor has come close to delivering the same level of detail as Living DNA.

Living DNA stands strong in its privacy promise to never share or sell your information. This is unique in an industry where firms across the world freely sell and share information without users being fully informed.

About Living DNA

Living DNA is a collaboration of world-leading scientists, academic researchers and genetic experts from across the globe.

The founders of the company, David & Hannah Nicholson, saw an opportunity to bring DNA to the people, making the testing process simple with results that could transform people’s lives. The company launched in 2016. Based in the UK, Living DNA follows the EU’s GDPR rules and will never sell or share its customers' DNA or data with third parties.

Living DNA offers world-leading ancestry testing designed to enrich your family life, wellbeing services to help you know yourself better and a growing range of tools to track your progress.

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