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Last updated July 2018

In this statement we provide information about your personal information in relation to our Family Networks service. It supplements the information in our Privacy Statement. Words and phrases used in our Privacy Statement have the same meaning in this statement.

It is important to understand Family Networks involves us:

  • Analysing your genetic data and comparing it with the genetic data of other people who use our service.
  • Sharing specified personal information including ethnicity breakdowns between users of the service wherever they are located in the world.

*If you do not wish to find people whose data matches with yours, for them to find you, and for your personal information to be shared to enable this process to happen, you should not participate in Family Networks. *

For the most part, we will have and use much of your information in the same way as we set out in our Privacy Statement. For example, we use your Living DNA account to provide Family Networks to you, so the information that you provide to us to operate your account will continue be used in the same way, and on the same lawful basis.

Part A

Further information on what personal information we hold and how we use it for the Family Networks Service.

1. General Contact Information/Communication records

We will use your general contact information/communication records that we describe in our Privacy Statement in order to provide Family Networks to you. We will maintain records showing that you subscribed for the service, records of any consents that you provide to us, and of your account activity. Our lawful basis for holding and using your general contact and communication records will be as set out in our Privacy Statement.

2. Use of Personal Information specifically relating to our Family Networks Service

Your profile in your Living DNA account will record your name, and, if you choose, your country of birth, and your sex. You can also upload a photo.

We will use your genetic data together with the genetic data of other people who participate in our Family Networks Service to identify if and the extent to which you share matching genetic data. This will provide:

  • A list of people with whom you share to a greater or lesser degree matching DNA, your 'matches'. This may result in us knowing the identity of your biological parents, siblings and other relatives.
  • We will use this information and other information provided by you and other users of the Family Networks service (such as dates of birth and sex) to show potential family relationships between you and those with whom you share a level of DNA.
  • We will share your personal information with other users of the Family Matching Service in order to alert them that they share genetic data with you. We will share your name or alias (if you have chosen to use an alias), your ethnicity breakdown- if you have chosen this service- and will identify what segments of DNA you and your match share in common if you choose to use this feature. Further information on this feature is provided on our Family Networks page. We will also share with your matches all information which you have identified as 'public' in your privacy profile.

Further information we are required to provide is:

How we use this general information Our lawful basis What is our legitimate interest?
We will use your genetic data to compare it to other users' data for the purpose of finding your DNA matches and creating and sharing possible family trees Consent
We will use your date of birth and sex ( where available) to help improve the accuracy of our Family Networks Service Perform contract
We will share with your Family Networks matches your name or alias, country of residence, ethnicity breakdown (if available), and if you chose our DNA segment matching feature, your shared DNA segments, as explained on our Family Networks page. Perform contract. Consent
We will also share with your Family Networks matches whatever information you have identified as 'public' in your profile with Living DNA. Consent. Perform contract
We may facilitate a messaging service which will be linked to your account. Once this service is available we will store the messages which you send through the service. We will be able to identify your messages as coming to or from you. Perform contract. Consent. Comply with Law
We may view communications passing between you and other users of the site for security and safety purposes, and to monitor compliance with our Website Acceptable Use Policy and Website Terms. We may delete such messages in line with our Website Acceptable Use Policy and Website Terms. Perform contract. Legitimate interest. Comply with law We have a legitimate interest in taking steps to help prevent our system and service from being used in a way which unlawful, or offensive to other users.
We will maintain records of your activity as a user of Family Networks including details of matches sent to you, and your matches sent to other users. Perform Service. Legitimate interest We have a legitimate interest in maintaining records of the services we provide

Part B

Sharing your information

In addition to the types of organisations/persons identified in our Privacy Statement, in connection with Family Networks, we will share your personal information as follows:

Other Users

We will provide your information to your 'matches' who will be other users of Family Networks. Please see Part A above for further information on what information we share, and what choices you have.

Your matches may live in or outside the EU, for example you may 'match' with someone who lives in Australia. Your matching information may therefore be passed outside of the EU (where we store your information), meaning your matches who live outside of the EU will (as with your EU based matches), be able to see your public information, and will be told that you are a match. If your information is transferred outside the EU in this way, you will not have the benefit of the protections of regulatory regime in the EU. If you do not wish your information to be passed outside of the EU to your matches, you should not participate in Family Networks, as we are unable to prevent your data being shared with non EU resident matches.

If you stop using Family Networks, we will remove your matching information from our Family Matching tool. Within 7 days of you opting out of Family Networks we will have removed from our Family Matching system any of your information which is visible to participants. Your matches will no longer be able to see any of your information. No information which identifies you will appear in any family tree held within our Family Networks system.

Please be aware that it takes up to a further 6 months for information that is no longer required to be fully removed from our systems because we retain backup and archive files.

We will continue to retain on our system, administrative data in relation to your past use of the Family Networks service, and copies of any messages that you have sent or received using our messaging service, once launched. Administrative data includes records showing that you opted in and consents given in relation to the service, and your request to withdraw from it.

Our Partners

We work closely with other firms in providing our Family Networks Service. They are other firms whose customers or members will be offered the opportunity of participating in Family Networks through Living DNA . You have the choice of allowing your matches who also hold accounts our partners to be able to view your matching information through our partners' sites, as well as on our site, or not. If you choose to allow this, your personal information will be shared with our partners, and held within their systems as well as on ours. If you opt in to share your information in this way, you can use your profile to manage which of our partners you are willing to share information with. We will provide you with notice in advance by email whenever we add a new partner to our Family Networks Service.

Our delivery of our Family Matching Service to you will be the same whether you choose to share your information in this way or not.

The information which we will share on our partners' sites with your consent is:

  • Your user name ( ie name or alias, depending on your choice profile)
  • Your estimated relationship with the match
  • The areas of DNA you share in common, where you have opted into this feature.

We explain in our Privacy Statement that we will disclose information where required by law. We reserve the right to monitor messages between users of Family Networks and to report and to disclose to the police or other relevant authority any activity or communication which we believe may constitute criminal activity, or may be relevant to the investigation of any criminal activity.

You should be aware that once we share your information with other users of the Family Networks service, you may not be able to retrieve it. You should view any decision to share information with a third party as irreversible, and should think carefully about what information you decide to share. Neither we, nor you, will be in control of what people you share your data with will do with that data. They may, for example, share it with other people, or on social media. For more information on what steps we are able to take in the event that you wish to have your data deleted, please see below under 'Retention'.


Please refer to our Privacy Statement for information on how long we retain your information. We have also set out some information about what happens to your data.

In line with that Statement, we will retain records of your participation in Family Networks, including activity on your account, your match lists, information provided to your matches, and any messages sent or received by you using your account whilst you maintain an account with Living DNA.

You do however have the right to ask us to destroy your information in certain circumstances, and full details of this are set out in our Privacy Statement.

Who we are

We are Living DNA Limited of K10 The Courtyard, Jensen Avenue, Commerce Park, Frome, UK BA11 2FG, the providers of Family Networks.

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