Living DNA Launches Genealogy and Wellbeing DNA Kit at Lowest Retail Price in Sector

Popular Direct-To-Consumer DNA Service Fills Gap Left By Others In Affordability and Privacy

Somerset, UK, October 17 -- Living DNA, the global direct-to-consumer genealogy DNA service that does not sell or share customers’ DNA or data with third parties, today announced their entry into the health sector. In addition to the new Living DNA Wellbeing kit for $129, a $49 Starter DNA Kit is also available designed for the billion people who could benefit from DNA testing but are unsure of which part of testing they want.

The Starter Kit is a taster experience including a high-level global view of your ancestry, the ability to find DNA matches with people across the world, wellbeing reports focused on supporting your diet and exercise and the analysis of over 700,000 areas of your DNA code. Once you’ve taken your test you can select deeper insights and reports.

Living DNA has also overhauled its customer results platform and introduced a new Wellbeing Kit experience for users, aiming to cut down 80% of illness and disease that is lifestyle-related. Unlike other firms that focus on health conditions, Living DNA is first exploring areas of your life influenced by your DNA where a customer can make changes which can lead to a greater quality of life.

David Nicholson, co-founder advises “Before we launched Living DNA, we always felt and understood that the power DNA offers people an opportunity to enjoy a greater quality in their lives. This comes not only from enriching relationships with your family but also understanding the way your body responds to different diets and exercises. By looking at the whole picture, it's possible to move from the era of post cause treatment to true preventative medicine.”

The firm is building on its foundation as one of the leading companies that provides ancestry testing services worldwide with a mission of making sure each customer is in charge of their own DNA, and never doing anything with a customer’s DNA information that they have not requested.

Co-Founder Hannah Nicholson shares that, “We are the people’s DNA company in terms of privacy and affordability. We see it as our responsibility to make sure everyone has access to information in a way that can truly transform their lives. Each of us has the power to take charge of our wellbeing with simple changes that could save healthcare systems around the world billions of dollars, cut waiting lists for critical care and spark GDP increases.”

Living DNA stands strong in its privacy promise to never share or sell your information and only do what you request the company to do with it. This is unique in an industry where firms across the world freely sell and share information without users being fully informed.

About Living DNA

Living DNA is a collaboration of world-leading scientists, academic researchers and genetic experts from across the globe.

The founders of the company, David & Hannah Nicholson, saw an opportunity to bring DNA to the people, making the testing process simple with results that could transform people’s lives. The company launched in 2016. Based in the UK, Living DNA follows the EU’s GDPR rules and will never sell or share its customers' DNA or data with third parties.

Living DNA offers world-leading ancestry testing designed to enrich your family life, wellbeing services to help you know yourself better and a growing range of tools to track your progress.