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One Family One World with Derby Primary School

On June 20th 2018, our team visited Brookfield Primary School in Derby for the day as part of our One Family One World Education Programme.

The aim of the project is to show kids that everyone is connected in some way based on their DNA and celebrate these differences. Teaming up with Frazer Smith, teacher of the Lion Class, the kids involved ranged between ages 7 and 8 years old. The results also sparked interest around the school and staff members were eager to get involved too.

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The day was extremely active and filled with activities exploring what DNA is, predictions the children may have around their results and also how to understand what this all means. It also gave them the chance to ask our team lots of questions. Frazer Smith was keen to get his class involved and added that

"Children are exposed to so many conflicting messages around migration, which can create divisions between pupils from different backgrounds. It makes this type of education very valuable. It has provided an excellent foundation for future learning and has helped them understand more about their family trees."

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The children were split into small groups so that they could sit with Frazer and go through their results together. They were all extremely curious to know more about what this all meant and explore how they were connecting to each other. Our Co-Founder Hannah Morden commented:

"It’s important for children to understand where in the world they come from at a young age, especially when there is so much confusion at the moment about migration. Our education programme shows how every individual is unique, but still connected through their DNA and lets them see their origins and heritage in a new light."

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As part of the One Family One World Education programme, Derby is just one of the many schools across the UK that we want to continue working on. Teaming up with CitiGen, the project will continue to address bullying and separation in schools through science and genetic testing. Continuing this education about how are all connected is why One Family One World is so important for us.

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