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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the book contains additional unique content chosen specifically for the book. Your ancestry results from the online portal are digitally reproduced using high quality images and explanations. Your online results may update in the future as our science improves.

You can order a book for any DNA test you have permission to view in the Living DNA portal that has ancestry results. You will have the option to enter a shipping address as part of the checkout process.

You will receive your book within 11-14 working days after ordering. All books are shipped with tracked delivery.

The Ancestry Upgrade processes autosomal DNA only. The methods used to test Y-DNA and mtDNA vary too greatly from provider to provider at this time for Living DNA to establish a reliable imputation process for them.

Most providers use a unique set of DNA markers and algorithms to deliver their results, which may cause them to vary between companies.

Your DNA data will be processed within 24 hours of purchase. You will be able to navigate to your new results from the side navigation as soon as they are ready.