Winners at Somerset Business Awards

DNA Worldwide Group recently two business awards in a remarkable testament to all the many people that work hard to deliver our products.

DNA Worldwide Group recently won the Somerset Business of The Year award (26-50 staff) and the Marketing & Promotion of The Year Award. Friday night was a remarkable testament to all the many people we work with who have made this winning possible.

Hannah Morden, Marketing Director comments

‘Picking up both of these awards is a great confirmation of where our business is going. We were up against some amazing finalists, and we congratulate everyone who entered into the awards.’

Over the past year, DNA Worldwide Group has been going from strength to strength, with the launch of the new ancestry brand Living DNA and the constant growth of DNA Legal and DNA Worldwide – anything is now possible for the company due to the consistent support from all the staff and collaborating partners.

Our core objectives throughout DNA is to deliver truth and education as well as keeping science simple for all our customers. With DNA Legal we bring a responsibility to family and work life. With Living DNA, we help people understand the fact that we’re all connected and ultimately, "We are All Made Up of All of Us".

As a business we understand that the quality in the way we work and the way we take care of ourselves has a direct impact on the quality of service we provide to our customers.

Winning two awards at the Somerset Business Awards; Business of the Year with 26-50 employees and Marketing and Promotion Award is a great achievement for the whole team and confirms the extra mile each staff members makes is appreciated and worthwhile.

David Nicholson, Managing Director, says:

"If it wasn’t for the whole team and the sponsors, every we do wouldn’t be possible. DNA Worldwide really is one big family all over the world and the future of DNA Worldwide is looking very exciting".

David added;

"At DNA Worldwide we feel very passionate about providing the opportunity to reach a point of truth in people’s lives. It’s a fantastic achievement for us and our team."

We’d also like to add a huge thank you to all of our business mentors, friends and families behind all the team at DNA Worldwide who have always supported the whole business to succeed.

The Somerset Business Awards are organised by the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Somerset businesses and each year the awards recognise more and more Somerset businesses and their achievements and award those which have shown great success throughout Somerset.

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