Living DNA: demonstrating how we’re all connected through One World family tree

Living DNA is excited to launch its One Family One World project in partnership with top scientists and genealogists around the world.

Living DNA is excited to launch its One Family One World project in partnership with top scientists and genealogists around the world.

This 5 year initiative will analyse people’s DNA results from around the world allowing them to see for the first time, where they fit on the One World Family Tree, which will show people how we are all related if you go back far enough in time.

By using proprietary technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the project will see tens of thousands of computers working together to identify distinctive and shared patterns in people’s DNA. Over time, Living DNA will be able to produce the most detailed genetic map of the world, enabling people to explore both their modern ancestry and ancient migration patterns.

"The purpose behind Living DNA is to help everyone appreciate just how connected we are, the One Family One World project is an incredible scientific undertaking on a scale and with an angle we’ve never seen before." Advise Co-Founders David Nicholson and Hannah Morden

Living DNA is collaborating with some of the world’s top genealogists and scientists on the project including representatives from the University of York, Trinity College Dublin, Vanderbilt University, The University of Texas, University of Utah, University of Copenhagen, University of Iceland and the University of Sydney.

Dr. Sarah Abel from University of Iceland expresses her excitement in working with Living DNA:

""I’m very excited to be involved in Living DNA’s new One Family One World project. In the past twenty years, personalised DNA ancestry testing has contributed to shifting the way we think about family, in some cases helping reunite relatives who have been separated for years, or even generations. The One Family project aims to go further in broadening our ideas about family and who we are related to. In a time when racism and ethnic violence are still burning issues, and governments around the world are seeking to tighten their borders, I think drawing attention to the connections that link us all together can be a powerful way of underlining our common humanity."

Ultimately, participants can choose to match and connect with anyone else in the project to see how they are connected in the One World Family Tree, while also combining their own family tree’s to explore deeper connections.

The main project is open to everyone worldwide with the aim of having millions of participants and the second stage, for in country regional mapping is seeking over 100,000 participants.

""Living DNA’s One Family, One World project is a great opportunity to finally show how all people are related in a big worldwide family tree. Based on cutting-edge technology, this project will allow the users to explore both their modern ancestry and their ancient migration patterns. People will be able to relate to modern populations and to jump back into the past to better explore their ancestors. I am very excited to be part of it and to contribute to highlight and strengthen links between people all around the world."" notes Pierpaolo Maisano Delser from Trinity College Dublin

How can you get involved?

People who have already done a DNA test with another company can upload their results and take part for free. Others can join by taking their own Living DNA test. All existing Living DNA members will have the opportunity to join the project for free.

In addition, any new DNA testers that have four grandparents born within 50 miles of one another will receive a special discount because their results will help us create in-country regional mapping. No data from anyone joining the project will be sold. This part of the project builds on the Irish and German regional research projects and we would like to thank everyone who has taken part and we are looking for more participants.

If you have any questions on how to get involved in the One Family One World project, or you would like to know more; please contact our customer support team on