DNA Matching Open Beta - Be Part of It Today

We are incredibly excited that our new DNA family matching system, Family Networks, is now open for public beta.

We are incredibly excited that our new DNA family matching system, Family Networks, is now open for public beta. Family Networks allows you to discover genetic relatives and draw new connections in your family research. It works by comparing your DNA to other people in the database that have also chosen to be part of the DNA matching service.

What is a beta?

Our Family Networks DNA Matching beta is changing all the time to improve the accuracy of your results. As this is a beta, meaning it’s still in testing, you may encounter bugs along the way. Rest assured, this is to be expected as we work out kinks in the new system. Not all of the functionality will be there either, bear with us as our team of developers work towards getting the best possible product ready for you. As a beta user, we value your support. We hope you will continue to check back as we refine our new tools.

So, how can I be part of DNA matching?

To gain access to Family Networks, you will need to physically opt into this exciting new feature.

Log into your Living DNA account via our website - my.livingdna.com using the email address and password you used to sign up with us. Then click view test and the menu bar on the left side of your screen will load.

Click on the Family networks tab, hit “Yes, Let’s Go!” and you are all opted in and part of Family Networks.

Follow the opt-in prompts & in 3 weeks, login and click the Family Networks button again to see your matches.


Once you have opted in to Family Networks, you may see the term “Keep Fishing” in your portal. This means that you do not have any matches yet. From today we are actively encouraging everyone who uploads their DNA or purchases a kit to opt in to help grow our pool of possible matches. You can help to grow your matches by encouraging others to opt-in too, it is important to know that users are not automatically opted in to Family Networks. Check back regularly to see if you’ve collected any new matches.

I am adopted and searching for my paternal bio family. I uploaded to Living DNA in August 2018. Without having had the ability to upload my raw DNA or without the beta matching facility I would never have found this match at this time

P.S Just a reminder that it will take around 3 weeks to see if you have your first match.