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Last updated July 2018

These terms are Supplemental to our Terms of Service which apply to also apply to our Family Networks Service.

Our Family Networks service is provided in consideration for the undertakings and assurances provided in these Terms.

We are Living DNA Limited of K10 The Courtyard, Jensen Avenue, Commerce Park, Frome, UK BA11 2FG.

1. Specific Terms that apply to Family Networks

1.1 You may only participate in Family Networks if you have an account with Living DNA.

1.2 We provide Family Networks for hobby or recreational purposes only.

1.3 Family Networks uses your genetic information to find people who share some matching DNA with you. We call these people 'matches' in these terms. People may share a greater or lesser amount of DNA with you, which enables us to estimate a closer or more distant connection between you. We use additional information supplied by you and other participants in Family Networks to assist with our estimates. Family Networks displays your matches in both list form and in the form of possible family trees. Possible family trees should never be viewed as definitive but, rather, as a tool to assist you to consider how potential matches may relate to you. Family Networks may offer you a range of possible relationship structures to consider, i.e. different potential family trees.

1.4 If you participate in Family Networks you should view 'matches' as potential relatives only and any indications we provide of how closely or distantly related a 'match' may be, including where this is presented in the form of a family tree, as an estimate only. The reliability of the estimate will vary. This is, in part, due to the limitations of the process, but also because Living DNA is not able to verify the identity of any person who provides a sample for testing or who uploads their data. The availability and accuracy of non genetic data within our database, such as birth dates, will also impact on the accuracy of the potential family trees provided.

1.5 We offer no assurance that we will identify any matches for you, nor that we will be able to suggest any possible family trees for you. We will update your list of matches and family trees periodically as our database grows.

1.6 We will communicate with you by email, using the email address which you have provided to us as part of your account settings. We will send you emails advising you of some of your matches. You can choose how often you receive these emails and if you wish to stop receiving emails. You do this through your Living DNA account settings. You can also view your matches on the Family Networks page of your Living DNA account.

1.7 If you wish to contact one of your matches, or if they choose to contact you, you must first do so using our secure messaging platform (once available); we will not provide you with personal contact details for any of your matches, nor will we provide your contact details to them. Using our secure messaging platform will allow for secure communication without needing to divulge contact details to any matches. It is your choice what information you later reveal to your matches

1.8 We will provide to your matches the information we describe in our Privacy Statement.

1.9 You should think carefully before making contact with any person who we have identified as sharing DNA with you and before sharing information. We recommend particular caution about sharing genetic data, as it not possible to know now what the consequences of this will be in the future as science continues to develop. Information which may have no significance now may prove to be significant in time. We are not responsible for any consequences that flow from you making contact with other users of Family Networks, or for sharing your information.

1.10 Your matches may live in or outside the EU, for example you may 'match' with someone who lives in Australia. Your matching information may, therefore, be passed outside of the EU (where we store your information), meaning your matches who live outside of the EU will (as with your EU based matches) would be able to see your public information and will be told that you are a match. If your information is transferred outside the EU in this way, you will not have the benefit of the protections of regulatory regime in the EU. If you do not wish your information to be passed outside of the EU to your matches, you should not participate in Family Networks, as we are unable to prevent your data being shared with non EU residents.

1.11 Once your information has been provided to one of your matches, we cannot ensure deletion of that information as your match may have retained a copy of it other than on his or her Living DNA Account.

1.12 We work closely with partners in providing our Family Matching Service. You have the choice of allowing your matches who also hold accounts with one or more of our partners to be able to view a limited amount of specified information about you through our partner sites, as well as on our site, or not. If you choose to allow this, your personal information will be shared with our partner, and held within their systems as well as on ours. Our delivery of our Family Matching Service to you will be the same whether you choose to share your information in this way or not. We are not responsible for the security of your information when it is held on any partner's site .

1.13 You should not view your list of matches nor any family trees that are provided through Family Networks as static. Our database of participants will change regularly with people joining and withdrawing from the service. When a participant withdraws from the service, we will remove their information from view of other participants, including from family trees that have been provided to users. We also reserve the right to delete messages passing between participants across any messaging service which we introduce.

2. Additional obligations when you take part in Family Networks

You undertake, promise, warrant and agree:

2.1 That you have read and accept our Terms of Service, Website Terms and Website Acceptable Use Policy as set out on our Site and agree to observe and be bound by them.

2.2 That you have read and accept our Privacy Statement as set out on our Site.

2.3 That you understand that Family Networks involves the analysis of your genetic data and its comparison with other people's genetic data to identify potential familial connections, and that this may result in you receiving unexpected or unwelcome information about your family.

2.4 That, where you consent to share your information on one or more of our partners' sites, you authorise us to share the information specified in the consent with our partners for the purposes of enabling your matches to view your information on the partner's site, as well as on our site

2.5 That you authorise us to take all steps and do all things reasonably necessary to offer our Family Networks service to you.

3. Joining and withdrawing from the Family Networks beta trial

3.1 You may choose to participate in Family Networks by completing the opt-in process in your Living DNA portal. We will send you an email confirmation once we have accepted your application.

3.2. You can stop participating in Family Networks at any time by updating your matching preferences in your profile or by contacting us. If you stop participating in Family Networks, you will no longer be able to use this service without opting back in. You will also be removed from the match database visible to your matches. Your matches will no longer be able to contact you using any secure messaging system which we may introduce. You should be aware, however, that your matches may have made a copy of your public information outside of their Living DNA account, which would not be deleted, and will be able to view communications that have passed between you prior to you withdrawing from Family Networks.

4. Beta Trial

4.1 Family Networks is being made available during an initial trial phase. We are testing its functionality and taking feedback on the Service generally. We will send you an email to let you know when the beta trial comes to an end.

4.2 We expect, but make no assurances, that our Family Networks service will continue as part of our suite of services offered to the public beyond the beta test period. You will not need to reapply for the Family Networks service when this happens.

4.3 We will advise you of any changes to these terms not less than 14 days before they take effect. Your continued access to/use of Family Networks beyond the date on which the changes take effect will be deemed acceptance such changes. If you do not wish to be bound by any new terms, please withdraw from Family Networks through your account with Living DNA or contact us to stop your service.

4.4 We have taken reasonable care in designing and testing our Family Networks service before offering it to you in this testing phase. However, because, we are still testing the service, we make no assurances that it will be free from defects, and that it will operate as we have described. You use Family Networks at your own risk during this beta test phase, and, to the extent permitted by law, you release us, Living DNA and all of our directors, officers and employees from any claim you may have against us arising from your participation in the Family Networks beta trial.

5. Our right to stop providing Family Networks

5.1 We reserve the right to stop providing our Family Networks service or any part of it at any time, and are not obliged to provide a reason for this. We will endeavour to give you notice if we do decide to stop providing Family Networks. We will do this by posting a notice on your account with Living DNA. We may also change what the Family Networks service is made up of, and how it works. If a change is material and may have a significant impact on users, we give you not less than 14 advance days notice of the change. We will do this by sending you an email.

5.2 We may suspend or cancel your participation in Family Networks, and are not obliged to provide reason for this. We will generally aim to provide you with advance notice if we decide to suspend or cancel your participation but reserve the right not to do so, including where we believe that our systems or other users are at risk by you continuing to have access to the Service.

6. Charges

We do not currently charge customers for use of our Family Networks service. We reserve the right to introduce a charge for the service or aspects of it. We will give you not less that 30 days notice by email before any charge is introduced.

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