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National Family History Month

National Family History Month - What is it and why should we celebrate it?

Family history and genealogical research is one of the fastest growing communities in the world. When August rolls around, thousands of Australians & New Zealanders who are registered members of various genealogical related groups, celebrate National Family History Month.

The governing body behind NFHM is the The Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations or AFFHO. The AFFHO council was established in 1978 to aid family history and genealogy groups in Australian and New Zealand in their research.

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In celebration of National Family History Month, we will be offering a special 10% promotion in Australia and New Zealand, lasting the entire month of August.

This Campaign means a lot to us for a number of reasons. One of our Co Founders Hannah Morden, is from Australia and grew up celebrating this special event with the rest of her family. Everyday Living DNA works with families all across the world to provide genetic information and support, helping to bring people closer together. Click here to order a kit now.

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